Mthayel Al Ali is a proud daughter of Sharjah, UAE, and before she is anything else—an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, or a public figure—she is human. While she wears many hats upon hats, her goal as an entrepreneur, as a creator and change-maker is to leave an impact. This impact can come in
different shapes; through a product, a message, or a raw, unfiltered idea.

Mthayel’s brand currently encompasses three growing ventures: Takhayyal, a content creation agency; Ara, a conversational podcast and YouTube channel; and Ce, a socially minded fine jewelry brand.

Women empowerment and advocacy is a central focus across each one, and continues to evolve. Mthayel’s travels have become a cornerstone of her ‘actualize through adventure’
lifestyle that grows within her brand. She also continues to collaborate with various fashion and beauty brands and entities that she believes in, and align with her overarching purpose.

On a personal note, Mthayel is devoted to learning, accepting the unpredictable nature of life, and ensuring that she is acting with purpose. Nothing happens by accident, each partnership and enterprise fulfills a need she has identified within the community she values. So, she will continue to try, as hard as she can, to discover and build a platform of strength, creativity, and positivity —her version of success.